Garden Party.

February 3rd 1pm. The first official music festival to shake up Fleming Road kicked off. With a lineup of Marian Burns, Crash Course and headlined by Jenny Mitchell, the performers drew in a crowd of 50+ all eager to here their musical gifts and indulge in a fuckload of alcohol.

Jenny Mitchell was first to take the stage, performing a healthy mixture of her old songs, her new songs and some covers. As always her voice was like liquid gold and she even did a jellyshot while on stage -  what a gal.

Then, out came surprise guest Marian Burns. A longtime friend of Jenny who no one was expecting and was brought along to the Garden Party by Jenny.

She came out roaring, fiddling away and getting everyone smiling. There wasn't a foot not tapping along to her upbeat tunes. One punter was even overheard saying he wanted her to play at his funeral. *cough* Darryl *cough*.

Marian played a handful of songs before she was whisked away to another gig (or something like that. Her & Jenny are very in demand people!)

Then it was onto the closer of the night - Crash Course.

They belted out everyones favourite tunes - although I believe they played Wagon Wheel four hours to early. But we won't hold that against them. They played until just about midnight and had all the humans who had commited to the 12 hour piss up dancing away.

To see all the pics from the night, see below.