Kepler Track

So I did Duke Of Edinburgh at school with my friends and in order to get that qualification we had to do some expeditions. Our crew decided to do the Kepler Track in Fiordland. We did it in 2013, and I think we did it over 3 nights/4days.

Because it was so long ago and I only just stumbled along these pictures on my hard-drive, I don’t remembered much. But I do remember Kepler & Routeburn being my favourite tramps I did of the 6 or so I had to while doing Duke Of Edinburgh.

While doing the tramp we would take a break from walking to do a little bit of exploring. On the Kepler we went into the Mt Luxmore Caves which were awesome and no doubt I would have been scared as heck.

We also detoured to the Iris Burn Falls which were just a 15 minute walk from the Iris Burn Hut (Thanks Google).

^^^ That’s me caving lol.