2016. The year I finally cracked that milestone birthday of 21 years on this earth. I knew I wanted to celebrate my 21st in style and due to my cirumstances of me living in Auckland, my family down south, my friends scattered across the country, I made the execitive desicion to have my 21st in Rarotonga.

The Cook Islands had been on my travel radar for a while and the fact that they were just a short flight away from Auckland and were a tropical paradise really ticked the boxes for me.

I put the invite out to all of my close friends and family, not really expecting a response from anyone as it was a long way to go for a 21st and a long time away from the whare. It's not like you could just pop to Raro for the night like you could if my 21st was in NZ - so I wasn't phased if people turned up or not.

But, lucky me, my nearest and dearest all traveled to the Cook Islands and I was so overwhelmed. Especially when I found out Ruby was going - can't believe the little bugger tried to hide it from me!

We stayed at the Edgewater Resort, a popular resort with some really great snorkelling. We spent a bit of time there, sunbathing, swimming and drinking.

Our week in Rarotonga was fuelled 90% by alcohol. The days were all filled with beers and cocktails as well as the occasional shots.

We all hired scooters each and would cruise around in our scooter gang doing laps of the island and calling into pubs along the way. $3 happy hours always went down a treat.

We participated in a few activities while on Raro. We would always hit up the local karaoke bar, we got jet blasted at the airport, fed some fish on Captain Tama's lagoon cruise, played some touch on the beach, got pulled over by the cops, did the Wednesday night pub crawl, went mini golfing and ate so much food.