Oh Sydney, you were bloody epic and I would recommend you to everyone who wants a long weekend away. We had a bloody full on four day girls/mother-daughter trip with A LOT of photos and I am going to break it down day by day as to what we did to fill our four days in Sydney so that I can remember forever.

DAY 1:

Mum & I flew to SYD from WLG early on Friday morning. We left WLG at 7am NZ time and landed in SYD at 8.30am their time. Mum & I sat at the front of the plane, and because it was Mum’s birthday she got a birthday card from the pilot and got to wear the Air NZ uniform and hand out lollies down the plane. We then got through customs and jumped in a taxi straight to our hotel to check in and meet up with Michelle & Skye.

Sugar Republic

After we checked into our hotel at the Intercontinental in Circular Quay and had a few cocktails (only thing great about that hotel was the view from our room. Service was shit, cleaners were shit, rooms were dated AF), we went and got some food down George St near the Myer building. Inside the Myer building was Sugar Republic.

We didn’t need to be there until 3pm, so after lunch we wandered around the Myer levels looking at clothes, make-up,s hoes, decor - you name it Myer had it!

Then at 3pm we headed into Sugar Republic. We were given the opportunity to fill our pockets with lollies and then wandered around the Instagram museum.

See all the pictures I took at Sugar Republic here.

DAY 2:

Coogee to Bondi walk

Day 2 saw us up nice and ealry to catch an Uber out to Coogee. We had brekkie there at a cute little beachside cafe and then started our Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk.

Honestly, the walk was one of the stand out things I did on the trip. I was so happy we did it! The weather was perfect, not raining and not too hot, we saw whales, took some cool photos and saw some incredible views.

All up the walk was about 6km and with all the photo taking and stops admiring the view, we took about 1hr 30min to do it.

See all the pics I took on the coastal walk here.


Bondi was beautiful. After our walk we stopped and looked at all the cool murals along the beach wall, grabbed a drink and had a look at a couple of shops in the buzzing beach suburb. Bondi was awesome and I could see how in summer, Bondi Beach would get packed!

Circular Quay

After exploring Bondi, we squished back into an Uber and headed down to Circular Quay which we were yet to explore. I ticked off two bucket list items of getting my pic in front of the famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We walked around the Opera House and had a beer or two nearby as well as a wee snack as we were hungry from our walk.


Circular Quay was epic, and after that we went back to the hotel to spruce up for dinner which we were going to have in Manly.

We took the ferry from Circular Quay over the Manly, and the ferry was an awesome way to experience Sydney. We took the fast ferry, which still took about 30 mins.

In Manly, we got there just in time for the beautiful sunset. We wandered around some of the small shops until they closed and then we headed to a cool Italian inspired restaurant by the ferry terminal. It was a great feed with great desserts.

The ferry back to Sydney was quite bumpy as the wind had picked up and made the Harbour choppy, but it was awesome to take the ferry back at night and see all the lights of Sydney.

That night as we jumped into bed, the fireworks went off of on the Harbour bridge. They were pretty cool to watch from the comfort of our hotel room.

DAY 3:

Another early start had us heading out to The Grounds Of Alexandria. It was 10000000% worth the early start to get out there as within an hour of us arriving the place was full of people. Because we arrived early we got some funky pictures with no one else in the background ruining them.

At The Grounds, we ate a delicious breakfast, wandered around looking at the cool markets and Aladdin themed decor. It was honestly beautiful!

See all the pictures I took at The Grounds Of Alexandria here.

After The Grounds we headed back into town to do some more shopping. I found my hat and black jeans I so desperately wanted which was a highlight!!!

We then hit up Chinatown and the neighbouring Paddy Markets, got a good massage by some shitty people lol. Well they weren’t shitty, just expensive and Mum almost got in a fight with one of the ladies.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

That night we then headed out to a night at the theatre to see Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. This was treated as Mum’s proper ‘birthday’. Her birthday wasn’'t until the next day but it was something she really, really wanted to go and see so we did it! She got us a seat in the box and we got a free selection of desserts and a glass of champagne included in the price.

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory was so well done and a good night out!

DAY 4:

Day 4 meant our final day in Sydney and we had to be at the airport that afternoon.

We decided to have a bit of a lie-in (until 9am) and then wander down to The Rocks and explore that area of Sydney. It was beautiful and we walked around by the water until we got back to Circular Quay and had a beer there.

See the photos I took down at The Rocks here.

And then we headed off to the airport! Just like that our fun, chock-a-block filled long weekend had come to an end. It was fair to say, when it came to the plane ride home I was pretty bloody exhausted!