After my Topdeck, I hopped on a train from King's Cross station and headed northward 80km to Cambridge. According to Google, Cambridge is a "city on the River Cam in eastern England, home to the prestigious University of Cambridge, dating to 1209".

I wouldn't have put Cambridge on my itinerary if it wasn't for visiting family, but I am so glad I headed up there. The place was gorgeous and full of gothic chapels and incredible University buildings rich with history. Did you know that Cambridge University is consistently ranked among the Top 5 Universities in the World?

When Aunty Trin, B & I got to Cambridge, we beelined straight for this really funky burger joint. The burgers were all super unique and gourmet and I also tried truffle cheese fries for the first time.

After that, we wandered around the historic town before arriving on the banks of The River Cam. We grabbed a couple beers from the bar and went in sat in the 30-degree heat. People watching, catching up and watching people punt on the river. After our beers, it was our turn and Aunty Trin shouted us our very own punt. 

There are a few options when it comes to punting The River Cam. The cheapest option is just on a boat and going on a tour. You will most likely be seated with a bunch of strangers but the experience is still cool. The option we went for was a guided punt, but the boat was all to ourselves (thanks Aunty Trin for shouting!!!) and another super popular option, which made lowkey scary and for a few minor accidents on the water, is to punt your own boat. It looked fun, but it was hard and I was happy we had a guide.

That didn't stop me having a go though and after some encouraging from Aunty Trin & B, up I was giving it a nudge. It was way harder than it looks. After a couple of strokes what little core strength I have faded and I couldn't work out the rhythm of how to turn the boat which resulted in me crashing into the walls outside one of the main Uni hostels #oops.

Prior to our time in Cambridge, I hung out in a village called Dunton. That was where my family lived and where I stayed for my couple of nights. Dunton is a small village in the county of Bedfordshire, England. The village is closely bordered to the counties of Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire (thanks Wikipedia)


One of the first orders of business, when I arrived in Dunton, was to jump on a bike with my Aunty & Uncle, bike around the corner and meet my other Uncle and his fiancee and then bike to one of the nearby pubs. The FIFA World Cup was on and England was having an epic run in the pool rounds (#TBT: It's Coming Hooooome) so we booked in a table at the pub, watched the footy, smashed back some beers and I ate my first English Roast. It was HUGE. They ordered me the biggest one that sampled all the roast meats. It was mammoth and I did not finish it.


Then it was back on the bikes and we biked into the next county. We stayed and had a few more beers there before jumping on our bikes and heading into another county pub for more beer. It was a mini-version of the 'Tri-County Push Bike Pub Crawl' of which my Aunty started. Great experience all round, ten out of ten reccommend but boy my legs were sore the next day. I haven't pushbiked that much in years.