Oui Oui Pareee. Perhaps one of my stand outs of my entire trip. Out of all the places I sped through, I feel like there was a lot more to discover in Paris - and I would definetly like to head back to the city and head down to the South of France too.

Eiffel Tower Paris

Paris was exactly how I imagined. It was elegant, it was sophisticated, it was pretty, it was full of pastries. Everyone was well-dressed, there were an abundance of shops, the Eiffel Tower was mesmerising as was watching the hundreds of people sit under it and have a picnic while drinking Champagne.

We started off our time in Paris with a driving tour. A nice change from the crazy amount of walking tours we did. With Paris being so spread out, driving was definitely a better option. Cruising the streets of Paris was like a strangely organized chaos. There were a couple of curly moments, but mostly it was fine. Until we hit the Arc De Triumph.

Our whole bus shrieked and nervously laughed as Mirek navigated us through the roundabout. No painted lines to mark lanes, no traffic lights, and scooters who seemed to make the rules... It was absolutely carnage. How we didn't witness an accident I have absolutely NO idea!!!

My free day in Paris was not as busy as I thought it would be. A blessing and a curse. It just means that I need to go back and explore more! 

I started the day at the Eiffel Tower, gazing up at it in awe. Getting a billion pictures of it and of me with it. We did a lap around the bottom of it and the whole time I just could not get over the fact that I was there at the Eiffel Tower. Like, I still can barely believe it.

Then we headed up the top of Tour Maine-Montparnasse - one of the biggest skyscrapers in Paris. It's not as tall as the Eiffel Tower, but it is still 59 floors up and takes up quite a sizeable chunk of the Parisian skyline.

It was awesome to stand up there and take in the view, which included the Eiffel Tower. I did think about going up the Eiffel Tower itself, but to be honest I wanted to see the skyline with the Eiffel Tower in it. After all, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous pieces in Paris.

Paris skyline

I do have a couple of regrets.. The girl I was with wasn't feeling well and wanted to go shopping. Which i'm not a massive fan of but because it was just us I felt like I had to. So I didn't get the iconic photo with the Louvre like I really wanted. I drove passed it, sure. But I would have loved to stand next to the Louvre Pyramid! So that bucket-list item will be saved for next time.

That afternoon, we all met at the Eiffel Tower again. We were all dressed in our nice clothes to have a picnic under the Tower and then head to a cabaret show. The picnic was awesome. The Topdeck crew put on a tradtional Parisian spread, including snails and frogs legs. 

I attempted the snails which you can see my reaction in my Topdeck Europe video and while I had the frogs legs on my plate, thinking I was really going to give them a nudge, I pussied out last minute. I just couldn't do it! And I definitely do not regret not trying it. Snails were enough for me!

The cabaret show was awesome. And such a fun way to end our time in Paris, and as a Topdeck group. 

And then just like that, we woke up the next day and it was over.

We said our goodbyes to those staying in Paris, and then jumped on the bus back to London.

Au revoir, Paris. See you again.