Munich & Rhine Valley

After spending two nights in Germany, in two very different locations within the country, I am glad I visited but I don't think I would go back, unless it was for Oktoberfest of course.

I arrived into Rhine Valley, Germany significantly hungover from my previous evening in Amsterdam. I never really get hungover so I am 100% blaming the coffee shops over there. (I've always hated coffee) We parked up and checked into a fabulous hotel that was a major step up from our Boatel stay the previous night. Big beds, loads of room, clean and new bathroom... It was like luxury.

We got checked in and headed on a walking tour around the township of Rhine Valley. Known for its wine mostly.

After our wee orientation tour, we jumped on a boat and cruised down the Rhine River. A great activity for me being the tired hungover human I was. We looked at gorgeous castles that were scattered across the hills, cute little villages parked up against the river, big vineyards on the hills looking down on us.

I even pushed through the hangover and had a beer. The beer was great.

We then headed back into town to learn a bit more about the German culture. We stepped into a Cuckoo Clock shop which housed the biggest freestanding Cuckoo Clock in the entire world and was one of the world's biggest suppliers of handcrafted Cuckoo Clocks. They were amazing! Luckily we weren't there at the top of the hour or else I am sure we would have had a hurr of a headache.

Then we visited the largest producer of Steins in the world. We learnt the process of how they were made and how all the steins link back to them. I would have purchased one but they were like 80 Euro lol. Yeah, nah.

Rhine Valley was great for a stopover. The scenery was beautiful, the people lovely. But ultimately I will not be back by choice - and I say that in the nicest way possible!

Then we headed to Munich. I had a few goals in mind for Munich - BEER, PRETZEL, LEDERHOSEN, SAUSAGES, APPLE STRUDEL.

I ticked those off and a little bit more. Very pleased.

After our stroll around the Munich township, most of us made a beeline for a beer hall so that we could get amongst the traditional German culture.

Somehow the gods and stars aligned and in a packed beer hall, the 30 odd of us that went managed to score three tables all right next to each other. We are still confused to this day over how we managed such an extraordinary feat.

Anyway, we plonked ourselves down and when the beer maid came to take our orders boy did we order a feast. I shared with Vanessa. We ordered a Stein each, some German sausages with sauerkraut, pork knuckle, apple strudel and we nibbled away at a pretzel with Lizi and Steph. DELISH. 10 OUT OF 10.

A food coma followed the feast but completed a great day in beautiful Germany.