I am SO happy that I can say that I have been to Switzerland. Ever since I was a little girl and my Nana told me that her mum came from Switzerland, i've always wanted to go and explore the small, 'neutral' country.

I had heard from many that Switzerland was one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and coupled with the fact I wanted to see where my Nana's family comes from I made sure that Switzerland was a destination when choosing my Topdeck.

While nowhere went to Zug, the lakeside town where Nana's family was from, Topdeck did head to Lucerne. Lucerne too is a lakeside town, and is located about half an hour away. 

My first thought as we drove into Switzerland from Italy was 'WOW.' My second thought was 'THIS IS INCREDIBLE.'

Switzerland is literally everything you imagine, and a even better in person. 

One thing I found while I was there was that I couldn't help but draw similarities to my area of the world back at home. Switzerland had rolling hills (check), big, beautiful, snow-capped Alps (check), farms were on either side of the road for miles (check), tractors were seen on the main road (check) and the people were lovely (check). On paper, Switzerland drew quite a few similarities to my neck of the woods down in New Zealand. Heck, they sounded pretty much the same. 

But in person, it was a whole nother can of worms. You see, I found that Switzerland seemed to have its own personality. The cabin-like farmhouses that littered the landscape in front of the mighty Swiss Alps were full of character and charm. The animals all looked like they lived their absolute best lives in a paddock full of lush green pasture, under a sky of bright blue and next to some of the best mountains in the world. The people were all lovely, patient and kind. And going back to the mountains, we could full on make out the shape of a Toblerone in the ranges. Incredible.  

Lucerne itself was stunning with its medieval architecture, framed amid snowcapped mountains on Lake Lucerne. 

When we arrived into Lucerne, we embarked pretty much straight away on a walking tour and then headed to one of the most prominent watchmakers in Switzerland. The brands' Swatch, Rolex, Cartier among many others all originate from Switzerland and it was cool to learn a bit about the classic watch. Of course, we also saw Swiss Army Knives and lots and lots of chocolate!

One of my favourite parts of Lucerne was the outstanding Lion Monument. The Lion Monument is of a giant dying lion carved out of a wall of sandstone rock above a pond at the east end of town. It was designed as a memorial for the mercenary soldiers from central Switzerland who lost their lives while serving the French King Louis XVI during the French Revolution.

Absolutely awesome, isn't it?

Anyway I had such a blast wandering around Lucerne and snapping some cool pics of everything that was around me. 

Switzerland, I will be back!