Gold Coast

The Brisbane Global Rugby Tens were one of the best possible weekends of my life. Two days of rugby heaven in the hot summer of Australia was the perfect recipe for me to have a ball.

We woke up on that Saturday morning in our room at the Tribeca Apartments and got into our costumes. We were supporting the Highlanders, so naturally, our costumes tried to reflect that. We wore viking-type hats with horns, bunched blue materials into toga-like dresses and painted our bodies in blue and yellow paint. 

Picture below of what we were inspired by:


Pictures below of how we looked:

We came in pretty hot on the first day, not going to lie. 

We ordered a taxi van and piled in all happy and drunk and ready to endure the heat. Queensland was in a pretty intense heatwave while we over there. We're talking mid-forties. The type of heat that when you walk out of your air-conditioned apartment, you turn into a human sweatball.  We thought we had it bad having to watch rugby in that intense heat, but you could only imagine what the rugby players were feeling running around on the field at Suncorp Stadium.

Suncorp Stadium was super impressive. I had never been there before in my life, only seen it on TV, but the 52,000+ capacity stadium was the perfect venue for the tournament. 

Suncorp had situated huge industrial fans at all points of the stadium that sprayed out a nice, cooling mist which I believe saved me from heatstroke that weekend. The lines to get beer, food and drink were minimal and in general, the crowd was awesome. They were there to get a little rowdy, support their team and have genuine all around good time.

By the end of the first day, we were all a little tuckered out from the big day of drinking beers and watching the footy in the hot Brisbane sun. Stivey joed out in the stands for and hour and Mark went to hospital with heatstroke (gotta drink that water in between beers!)

Day two was much the same, although in my opinion not as good as the first day. We reinvented our costumes to become superman capes rather than togas, and were a bit slower off the mark drinking wise the next day.

No one joed out and no one went to hospital from out of our group that day, thankfully.

We headed to the Gold Coast on the Monday after spending two days in Brisbane for the Global Super Rugby Tens, and drove down in a car that one of our friends had hired.

The drive wasn't too long, only about 40 minutes, and it was great because we had some beers and some banter the whole trip down.

When we arrived in Surfers Paradise, we headed straight to our hotel at the View Pacific on View Ave. While the hotel was rather dated, it was super reasonably priced, it was only 5 minutes walk from town and 100m to the main beach. We could see the ocean from our room and the area we had was spacious. There was also a pool which was open 24 hours - we utilized this every night when we got back from town. A brilliant hangover preventer.

Surfers was amazing and in our 5 days there we managed to pack quite a bit in. 

Our first day there was a complete write-off. We were knackered and hungover from the Brisbane Tens so as soon as we arrived at the hotel and checked in we all blobbed out on the couch, watched movies and when it came time to eat, we got Domino's delivered - lol.


Tuesday was much more productive. We headed out to Pancakes in Paradise Pancakes for breakfast and did a spot of shopping at the shops just down the road from us, before then heading out to Dreamworld with a super entertaining Uber driver.

Uber, by the way, was an awesome way to get around the Gold Coast/ Surfers for when we didn't have the car handy or didn't want to use it. All of our drivers were awesome.

Dreamworld was epic. We did Dreamworld in the morning and Whitewater World in the afternoon. 

Best ride of the day for me was Tower of Terror but the boys definitely enjoyed the Buzz Saw the most, they went on it like 3 times.

Whitewater World my favourite park of the two. I was dying of heatstroke by that stage of the day and I was still nauseous from The Claw earlier on. Ruby & I broke up from the boys at the park and had a go at all of the water slides bar the Wedgie because the idea of having to stand and the floor falling from under you was just horrific for me. The Green Room and Hydrocoster were my fave rides there. And the swimming pool to marinate in because it was just so bloody hot.

That night we headed to Hooters for dinner for all you can eat ribs. And boy did they not disappoint. We ate a ridiculous amount of food.  Each of the boys got the ribs, while Rubz got the world famous wings and I got some nachos. There was so much food it makes me sick thinking about it. 

We tried to go to town after dinner, with Lee needing to take a cheeky tactical vomit to give himself room in his tummy to drink. It was such a struggle for all of us. Slightly knackered from a big day at the theme parks and way too full from a meal at Hooters.

Waking up on Wednesday we were thankful we had all gotten rid of our full tummies and were ready to take on the day. We went for the usual morning swim in the pool, went and grabbed a super yum breakfast at a cafe just down the road and then decided to jump in the car and go to Jupiters casino for a few hours. 

We didn't last long at all, no one won any money (apart from Jeremy) so we were all left a little sad.

The absolute hightlight for Wednesday was the Wicked Club Crawl we went to. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous at what the boys had signed us up for. Cheap drinks, free entry to bars, loads of people going... it all seemed a little too good to be true. But rest assured it wasn't and we had a 'wicked' time.

There were a decent crew of us who went on the pub crawl so it was an awesome way to meet some new people. Our crew definitely came in pretty hot, and I was very drunk for the whole night. 


On Thursday it was girls day (unofficially) and Ruby and I caught an uber out to the Harbour Town outlet shopping mall. We spent a wee bit of coin, got some bargins and then got the boys to pick us up and take us for lunch at the local pub. That afternoon was spent in the pool, as per.

And then all of a sudden, it was Friday.


A very sad day indeed.

We headed to the airport two hours earlier then needed to as Mark & Jeremy (aka the keyholders to the car) had places to be and people to see so they kindly dropped us off. We waited at the airport for our flight. We waited. And waited. Had a few beers, and waited. And waited some more and then just as it was about time to board our flight - the aussie over the loud speaker tells us that our flight has been delayed two more hours.


But thankfully there was a silver lining.

The Highlanders happened to be on our flight home from Aus to Dunedin! So naturally we got a selfie (well Rubz did cos I was way too pussy to ask for one) and we cracked up the whole flight home at the fact we went over to Aus for the Highlanders, and we manage to sneak on the plane home with them. 

Shout outs to the Landers boys for making the 4am arrival a little bit better.