One of my favourite destinations i've been to hands down is Tahiti and her islands. Tahiti & Moorea were both exactly like you see on postcards.

Tahiti was a surprise trip for Luc, Zane and I, so I was unprepared and didn't have a camera the whole trip :( So i've had to pull these pics off of mum's Facebook which is why they might be a bit blurry. (Yes mum, I do appreciate all the times you pulled out the camera now lol)

Tahiti was one of my fave holidays as not only is it absolutely beautiful, but it was a holiday to celebrate mum and dad getting back together after their 'gap year' apart.

We only stayed 1 night on Tahiti, staying at the Intercontinetal Resort in Papaeete. We got to explore a little bit of the capital city of French Polynesia. It was crazy to see that even though you were on a tropical island, everything was in French.

At the Intercontinental their was AMAZING snorkeling in their man-made lagoon that sat just down from the swimming pool. Tahiti was my first time snorkeling and it's fair to say I shat myself and discovered I had a fear of fish. I screamed the whole time through my snorkel when the fish would get to close to me. Rookie.

After our one night in Papaeete, we caught a ferry over to Moorea. Ask Luc how the ferry went. He painted the walls of the ferry toilets with vomit. Nice one Luc.

Moorea was where we spent all of our trip. We stayed at an insane resort which the name escapes me, but there were dolphins at our resort which we got to swim with. Turtles that we got to touch, but we didn't swim with because their was turtle shit literally everywhere, go snorkeling with sharks and sting rays (Steve Irwin eat ya heart out) and catch some mean rays

The Tahitian locals were some of the best bunch of people i've met on our family adventures so far.

While dad and the boys went and did some activity (I can't remember what it was exactly), Mum took me on a horse ride up to the top of the volcano. So cool. I saw a lot of pineapples (did you know that pineapples grow in flax bushes on the ground?) and my horse was addicted to stopping and munching on the pineapple.

Luc, Zane & I also got the chance to go paragliding for the first time! And I haven't been since. Not because i'm scared or anything, but because I honestly don't think anything could top the views that I saw up there.

Tahiti was honestly one of the best holidays ever.

I would love to say that I would love to go again, but all I remember is mum and dad going on about how bloody expensive it was. Everything was in Euros and it was imported so if I remember correctly, a can of coke was like almost $10 New Zealand dollars.

Oh yeah one funny yarn before I end this post. Me & Luc had our own fale on the beach which was super dope, but anyway every night geckos would crawl down from the roof and down the walls and all through our stuff, so we would stay up like all night throwing slippers and other opjects from around our fale at them because we were too scared to go to sleep and have one crawl over us.

I love Tahiti & her islands soooooo much!

(Post originally written in 2016.)