My family and I went to Samoa in 2011 for our winter-getaway-before-mum-and-dad-start-calving holiday. It was two years after the devastating tsunami struck there, but that didn't put us off. Although, if i'm being honest - the tsunami did affect the snorkeling there. I'm not sure if it was just the side of the island we stayed on, or if the tsunami had affected the reef, but there wasn't as much aquatic life as other islands I have been to.

Of course, the snorkeling wasn't the be all and end all of the trip because I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

One of my absolute highlights was the To Sua Trench. It was absolutely breathtaking. It was a bit of a drive to get to from where we were staying, but that was fine as we got to see some of the villages, and when we arrived and looked down into this giant hole in the ground full of crystal blue water we were in total awe of its beauty!


What a place! We jumped off of the ladder into the water, floated around in it and dove as far down as we could. It was bliss!


We had an awesome driver when we were in Samoa, his name was Naps. And the song Happiness by Alexis Jordan always reminds me of him because not only was he super happy, but he played that song on repeat the whole time in his car because it was his favourite.

Anyway, he took us to all the hotspots. We got to see some turtles, crack open our own coconuts and drink them, see traditional villages and so much more.

Can I just say, it's so funny seeing this picture of me leaving the local supermarket in that outfit because I tried to try that skirt on again recently and I couldn't even get the zip halfway up looooooooollllllll :'(

I turned 16 just before I went over to Samoa, which is why I am underage and seem to be drinking a lot of alcohol. Well - to be honest, i'm not sure if Samoa has an age that you're not allowed to consume alcohol on or not.

I mentioned earlier that a tsunami had hit the island a couple years earlier. There were no obvious signs, that I saw, that Samoa had been affected. All the locals were friendly and happy, the villages that I saw all seemed to be intact and as mentioned earlier, the only things I feel were affected were the reefs surrounding the island. I'm sure eight years on though that the reefs will be back in full swing and all of the fish will be back in their habitats.