Cruising on one of the worlds best and biggest cruise ships

Anyone who knows my mum knows that she doesn't do things by halves. It's all or nothing when it comes to her. So when her 40th birthday ticked around, she decided she was going to go big.

So, what better way to do it than round up a few of her closest mates, and the kids, and head over to the Caribbean to fulfill her childhood dream of seeing where Bob Marley is from!

But rather than just go straight to Jamaica, aka the murder capital of the world (don't know if that fact is true or not - I just think I read it in a Speights cap once) mum booked us on one of the biggest cruise ships in the world to sail around the Caribbean.

Yes, my first reaction was that I was to be a pirate of the Caribbean.

Note, I was not.

So above i've included some stats on the size of the boat which don't really translate to much for me personally, and also a photo of our boat next to a 'normal-sized' P&O cruise ship. As you can tell, we weren't dealing with no small dingy.

On the Oasis of the Seas it was like nothing I had ever laid my eyes on before. Food, good food must I add, was everywhere and you could just waltz up and grab it as it was included in your ticket fare before you boarded the ship. Drinks were on tap. Their was a broadway theatre where I watched Hairspray, a diving pool for performers who dove from Olympic heights, multiple swimming pools and spas, shops to shop at, a carousel, a casino, a zip line from one side to the other, an ice-skating rink, a wave simulator, multiple buffets, a comedy club,I mean it even had a freakin' park on the eighth floor for crying out loud. This ship was a monster.

This place was heaven. And there was so much to do that it almost didn't matter if the ship stopped anywhere! You didn't feel the waves at all, and the only place we couldn't dock into was Haiti as the waves were a wee bit rough that day.

We boarded the ship in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and headed to Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico and as mentioned just before we were supposed to stop in at Haiti but were unable to due to weather.

One of the funniest memories on the boat was standing on our balconies and waving to the commoners on the shore (I joke, I joke). But we did wave to the people on shore when we pulled into port and when we departed and it was so nice because they would always wave back.

The only thing is that they say now that i've been on this cruise ship I will never enjoy another one because this one was so amazing. After this experience though i've decided I will be the judge of that myself!