I went to Bali for the first time in December of 2014. We went with our good family friends and it was super fun! I'm definitely keen to go back to Bali with a group of mates, it would be so dope.

We went to Bali for about 10 days if I recall correctly and we stayed at the Legian Beach Resort which was right on Legian Beach and had a pool and fish pond. One of the best things about the resort was the food. For breakfast you could have buffet food, or you could go upstairs to this waffle bar type thing and it was so sick. You'd grab a waffle and then load it up with as many accessories as you want - strawberries, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, bacon whatever you wanted you could load up your waffles! What a treat.

A cool part of Bali was all of the wildlife! On our first stroll around Bali, the night of our arrival, we all got to hold a snake which was super creepy. One of my favourite parts was holding the monkey as I had never, ever done that before. We went to Monkey Forest in Ubud to do this. The chimp was so cute in his wee nappies and sat on my lap, even taking the sunnies off of my head a placing it over his eyes! It's insane how smart and human-like orangutans are. It was however quite sad seeing all the monkeys locked up in concrete cells with nothing to swing on but a metal bar... That kind of made me feel stink.

Also seeing the elephants. They are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, but these elephants were covered in scars from being whipped and caned in order to be trained to perform tricks. These elephants were old and when you looked them in the eyes you could almost see them pleading for help :( Makes me so sad :( :( But still an amazing experience nonetheless. I love elephants so much.

The food in Bali was AMAZING! We often went to a bar across the road from where we were stayying that I can't quite remember the name of... Uncle something or rather... It was so cool there anyway. We made friends with the owner who seemed to love us Kiwi's and would come and chat to us while we sipped on our Bintangs.

Bintangs by the way are amazing. So delicious. Up there with Speights in fact. I'm not sure if they taste so good because it's so damn hot over there and because you're so dehydrated any liquid tastes amazing, or if it is true that they are just that good of a beer. I don't know, but I drank a shit tonne of them anyway.

The beaches in Bali are pretty nice too. Although, not as nice as the islands in the Pacific if I must say so.

One bad thing about the beaches as that while you're there sitting at a beachside bar having a Bintang, so many hustlers come up to you and try and get you to buy their stuff. I know it's their job, praying on tourists and all that, but honestly, you say no to the lady selling sunglasses and just as she leaves a man selling keyrings will turn up. Pretty annoying. It got to the point where we would either ignore them or rip them out a bit.